The Red Cap of Liberty

The French revolution was fought by scrappy, working-class partisans that took up arms to fight for their freedom and equality. The peasant soldier unable to afford formal uniforms donned a “Bonnet Rouge” or Red Cap of Liberty to show their allegiance to the revolutionary cause.

Now Bonnet Rouge carries the revolutionary spirit back to the Beaujolais region of France. For the past thirty years, the wine markets of the world have been flooded with mass-produced Beaujolais wine of poor quality and dubious craftsmanship. Despite this fact, artisanal winemaking has never been forgotten in Beaujolais. It has soldiered on by small winemakers making limited amounts of distinctive cru Beaujolais wine.

Now Bonnet Rouge has partnered with top winemakers in Beaujolais to produce a top-quality Beaujolais Gamay Noir. Breaking free of the traditional hierarchies of French winemaking, Bonnet Rouge is a blended wine from different premium cru Beaujolais vineyards to create wine of character and distinction.

Vive La Revolution!

Gamay Noir

The Gamay Noir grape is the cousin of Pinot Noir and “Burgundy’s other red wine.” A century ago, Gamay Noir from Beaujolais was the most expensive and sought after wine of Burgundy. Gamay is the ultimate food wine even more versatile than Pinot Noir as it can stand up to heavier meat and poultry dishes. Both in price and palate, well-made.

Gamay Noir is a quintessential food wine that deserves a place on every table as a perfect everyday drinking wine of the people.



The Wines

Gamay Noir 2013


This is the signature Gamay Noir wine that we set out to make. It is a blend of Cru Beaujolais and Village wines. The strength and backbone of the Cru wine in the blend elevates the body of the wine and gives it more depth than a traditional Beaujolais Village wine. This wine is medium-bodied, clean, and approachable – the perfect complement to meal or any gathering of compatriots.

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Gamay Noir
Cuvée Marianne 2013

This wine bears the name, Marianne, the personification of the French Republic. Marianne is the symbol for the enduring spirit of the French people. Her image first created in the Revolutionary era, still graces many aspects of modern France today from currency, statues, and posters, to the logo of the French Republic itself.

Our Bonnet Rouge Cuvée Marianne embraces traditional French winemaking traditions. It is a blend of all Cru Beaujolais wine. The different vineyard sites complement each other and making a wine that is subtle, sublime, and complex. This is Gamay Noir at its best – an affordable luxury to enjoy over a meal with family and friends.

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Gamay Noir
Régnié 2012

This Gamay Noir wine is one hundred percent from the village of Régnié in Beaujolais. In our time in the cellars blending Bonnet Rouge, we came across this gem. It was so good on its own that we couldn’t bear to mix it with any other wine. We set the wine aside to be released on its own as a special one-time limited edition of only two hundred and fifty cases.

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